Sensory mats

Color scheme:
- orange and yellow mats;
- Blue, blue, purple cubes.
- blue and blue mats;
- Turquoise, pink, beige cubes.

The benefits of sensory mats:
  • Each pad has a different embossed texture that stimulates a child's tactile perception. The mats also serve as a base for building towers of colored puzzle cubes;
  • The toy stimulates tactile perception, observation, and supports the development of sensory integration;
  • Bright and pleasant colors encourage the child to play and stimulates the baby's eyesight;
  • Develops touch. The toy allows the child to freely explore the world of different textures and shapes.

Benefits of Cubes:
  • Due to the different textures, playing with cubes perfectly develops the fine motor skills of a child;
  • Form and improve the perception of colors;
  • Develop perception of shapes and the position of objects in space;
  • Improve the visual coordination of the child;
  • Develop the ability to perform precise and fine movements of the hands and fingers;
  • Cubes are made of hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly material;
  • Each cube has an individual pattern and color, and the convex elements massage the baby's hands.
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