MIX "Lagoon"

Mix 3 "Lagoon" is a set of modular mats, the surfaces of which consist of different relief elements. Each module is distinguished by the colors of the marine Lagoon.
This set was created as part of the nautical theme. All surfaces of the MICS 3 "Lagoon" are tall.

Module "Fugu fish" (soft) - on the surface there is an exact copy of the fugu fish. The module, designed in the form of a sea dwelling, will help diversify the daily exercise of a child. On the edges of the module are sea creatures: fish, starfish and jellyfish, allowing your child to study the sea creatures, developing his general outlook.
The scales of the fugu fish are covered with different kinds of stylized needles.

The module "Ropes" (soft) is an exact replica of the ropes used to tie up a sea vessel. Studying on this mat, a child is sure to feel like a real sailor. The module allows you to diversify the daily exercise and develop your child's imagination.

Module "Crab" (soft) - there is a sea crab on the surface of the module. Now you don't need to go to the sea or to the ocean, so your child can study the sea crab in detail, because the relief of the module "Crab" exactly reproduces the shell of this sea creature, and the small circles, needles, dots and drops located on it, allow to develop fine motor skills during the play/charging on the mat.

Main purpose: the general development of the child:
  • development of color perception;
  • development of color perception;
  • improvement of motor skills of a child;
  • development of logical thinking of the baby;
  • development of sensorics;
  • the development of fine motor skills;
  • the development of imagination;
  • development of the child's general outlook.
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