MIX "Universal"

Set «Universal» imitates various natural surfaces and elements: grass on a mound, a hill, forest cones, hedgehogs. The combination of various elements with unique base relief is ideal for children.
The relief of the surfaces matches to the notch of the healthy foot, and the different gradiences between the elements of the mat increase the pressure on the nerve ends of the foot and provide a spot massage of the foot surface. The Set modules have a rogh and soft shape relief for alternating the degree of impact. Special relief surfaces allow the child's foot to be properly forming by improving microcirculation and muscle contraction.

The Set consists of:
- «Rough grass»
- «Rough thorns»
- «Soft Hedgehogs»
- «Rough pine-cones »

The modules are made in a bright color scheme, which makes the training on the mats not only useful, but also fun.
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