Orthopedic mats and arthrosis

Doing foot massage in order to improve both the legs themselves and the whole body as a whole learned 2000 years ago.

Acupressure (point massage) began to be used in China many centuries ago.
Arthros: what is this

Arthrosis is a disease of the joints, which gradually leads to immobilization. (less movement)
The disease is relevant for those who are over 45 years of age. The main symptoms, as a rule, become noticeable many years after the onset of the disease. However, joint changes begin long before the first pain.

The occurrence of this disease is influenced by such factors as:
leg injuries
regular heavy loads;
genetic predisposition;
hormonal system problems;
infectious diseases;
varicose and other phlebological diseases;
excess weight.

You can get to know about the disease only after a thorough examination by a specialist. You need to turn immediately after the appearance of the first pain in the knee.

How to protect yourself from this disease
In order to prepare for this moment in advance, it is important to start practicing on the orthopedic mat "ORTHO PUZZLE" from early childhood. If in your childhood there was no such product, then you can start practicing right now.

After all, we have sets for any age, including adults.
These orthopaedic mats effectively solve problems both orthopaedic and preventive problems.

Besides, the «side effect» of their use is the strengthening of immunity, so you can keep healthy for many years. Their effectiveness was proved clinically, after which TM «ORTHO PUZZLE» received a registration certificate. So orthopedic mats are a medical product.

Ortho Puzzle mats can be used not only as a prophylaxis, but also as a therapeutic measure.
The main thing before this is to consult a doctor.

After that, you can choose the optimal set of exercises, which must be performed regularly in order to maintain the optimal state of the organism.
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