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Immunity is a system that each year presents its surprises and becomes the ground for new discoveries by scientists. Today we’re going to tell you what we have known this week about immunity.

Kiss it is the best remedy
Recently, Austrian scientists conducted an experiment with couples of lovers, and found that a kiss can be compared with a vaccination. When saliva (that is other microflora) enters the body, it begins to produce antibodies for new microorganisms.

We recognize the character by immunity

Recently scientists have found that people with a mild character are more susceptible to viral infections than aggressive personalities. Supposedly this is due to the fact that in the blood of the aggressors a greater number of lymphocytes than in people with a mild character. And as you know, lymphocytes fight with strangers in our bodies.

To lose weight or not to lose weight…

It seems strange - sport lowers immunity. It has been found that during exhausting training, the number of the lymphocytes in the blood decreases, so regular exercise can cause frequent viral infections. The scientists at the Brisbane“s University proved this with facts, and the facts, as you know, the most stubborn thing. In their experiment, 168 sportsmen took part. They were offered to train to the limit of their abilities. After 2 weeks, signs of viral infection were found in more than 70% of the participants.

We are not against sports! On the contrary, we are only «for». But everything has to be measured. For example, the 15-minute exercise on the mats «ORTHO PUZZLE» is not only the strengthening of immunity, but also the prevention of orthopedic diseases.

Choose the right climate
If you want to strengthen your immune system, then ... change the climate! No wonder that during a vacation we want so much to go to the sea or to the mountains! Our body literally asks at least for a while to be in a favorable climate for immunity. The most useful countries to make our immune system stronger became: Slovenia, northern part of Italy, Poland, Germany, southern part of Austria, as well as the Baltic states, Croatia and the Kaliningrad region. It is here residents are least sick, which means that their immunity is in a favorable climate.  

And again about sports

As scientists said at Brunel University, which is located in the UK, it is impossible to go to training immediately after awakening. Again, the statement was made on the basis of an experiment. It was conducted with 14 participants who had different physical backgrounds.
Some of them were engaged in training immediately after waking up, and others - in the evening.
After some time, all the indicators were analyzed and it was found that in the blood of those who practiced sports immediately after the awakening the immunoglobulin level decreased, which leads to a decrease in immune activity.

Immunity switch
It seems impossible to turn off the immunity. Colombian scientists have proven otherwise. After a series of studies, they concluded that lymphocytes or T super cores could stimulate specific proteins that could slow the immune system.  This discovery will help those who will have an organ transplant operation, and will also become relevant for immunologists.

Modified immunity
Some time ago, scientists had a fiction idea to create artificial immunity. Then, when scientists came to the conclusion that this was impossible, the idea was abandoned until a better time. Recently scientists from Canada have come back to this issue. They’ve injected an extra gene into the blood.  After that, it was found that these cells are much better at coping with the tasks of the immune system, for example, they remove atypical (malignant) cells. Thanks to this discovery, it becomes possible to obtain a vaccine that helps to cope with cancer.
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