Children’s palms massage

Use from training on “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats isn’t restricted with steps. It’s a well-known fact that there are a lot of points on palms, which are connected with different organs. It isn’t necessary to buy special ball or Su Jok masseur (spiny ball, which consists of two halves). Modular mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” can easily replace them. Even if your child cannot walk, but crawls actively, so you can use orthopedic mat “ORTHO PUZZLE”. As he will actively passes with his palms, getting massage effect and activating “magic” points on them.

Teachers distinguish 10 useful properties of palms massage: 

  1. Improvement of blood-stream, overall health;
  2. A child is in good mood all day long;
  3. Development of fine motor skills;
  4. Improvement of sensory skills;
  5. Activation of speech centers - your child can start talking earlier than his age-mates;
  6. Effect on all child’s organs that improves their work and also  promotes their correct forming;
  7. Forming of logical thinking;
  8. Training of spatial perception;
  9. Learning of outworld (relief elements effectively helps in it);
  10. Learning of colors shades.

However, we don’t recommend to put mats in front of child if he has the following problems: 
  • He has injuries on his palms;
  • He is ill.

The best way of using modular mats for palms massage is not just put them in front of a child, but show and tell him important information for his development. Of course, it should be performed in a play form in order to make child easily learn the information and not to lose his interest in learning.
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