Are fine motor skills and speaking connected?

Have you thought that developing of fine motor skills can influence the speaking abilities of a child? Motor and vocal centers are located nearby in the brain. So, when a child develops fine motor skills, he activates speaking abilities in parallel. 

There are a lot of ways for developing of fine motor skills. 

Forwardness teachers recommend starting to do this from the very birth. Of course, tasks should become more difficult, depending on the child's age. Besides, some teachers state that it’s better to combine studying letters and sounds with tasks, connected with fine motor development.

Parents are looking for a universal developing toy, which will be interesting either for one-year old child, or pre-school age children. Many people may say that it is impossible. But, we offer “ORTHO PUZZLE” modular mats, which are interesting for both - babies and older children. What is their secret?

1. Variety of surfaces - there are so many of them, that they won’t annoy a child. 
2. Bright colors - all children are attracted by bright things. Orthopedic mats are not an exception. 
3. Simplicity of use - it’s enough to connect modules between one another for training.
4. Possibility of matching modules from different mixes - if your child wants to vary tactual sensation, it will be enough to buy new modules in addition to old ones and the toy will become interesting again.
5. Universality - mats are suitable not only for training, but also for playing. Children’s fantasy is so rich that they can imagine different games with mats: place them as floor cover in their own house with a roof made of blanket, arrange competitions, create their fairy-tale world, where they are the main characters. 

Therefore, if you buy orthopedic mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” you not only give your child happiness of new feelings, but also develop fine motor skills, and speaking ability.
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