We treat flat feet by playing with a child

All moms dream of playing with a baby, healing and playing at the same time. It’s the best combination you can just imagine! But how do we do that and what with?Now let's figure it all out.

Let’s start with that children do the best even the most unpleasant «work» in the game. Everybody knows about it. Especially for children who need to do certain things according to the doctor's prescription . How do you get a child to do things without being forced? It’s very simple. You can do that by playing with him.

We offer several variants of play-exercises in which you can freely play with a baby of any age.

1.Put the mats «ORTHO PUZZLE» in chess order. Let your child imagine that water and bump mats around you are the only way to get on land. As an island, you can arrange a small island of blanket, carpet or other soft flooring.  Let the baby jump from one side of the «shore» to the other several times.

2.Put «ORTHO PUZZLE» mats in the form of «Hopscotch».You can play this game with children.

3. Assemble «ORTHO PUZZLE» mat modules. This game should be played by at least two people. The child's task is to pick up a box from the mix, put his legs shoulder width apart, bend over and pass the box between his legs. You take this box and you hand it over, and you put your hands up. Several children can also play this game.

You can think through a number of other games with the child, based on his interests and hobbies. The main thing is that during these games he is treating, strengthens the immune system and heals the whole body!

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