Cavus foot

Cavus foot is a condition when the arch is enlarged. This disease is the opposite of flat foot. It can occur due to genetic predisposition, with foot injuries or as a result of diseases of the neurological spectrum.

If we talk about the causes of the cavus foot, so, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the weakness of the muscular corset, namely, such areas of musculoskeletal therapy as shin and foot. Another reason is injuries. For example, a disease can occur due to an improperly coalesced bone after a fracture or burn of the foot.

One of the main symptoms is fatigue and pain while walking. Moreover, this disease often becomes a cause of corns and wrong position of the toes. Sometimes this disease is not evident in any way, but later the pain syndrome and difficulties with the selection of shoes make you consult a doctor.

Also, reduced or increased muscle tone is noted as symptoms. It is important that this disease does not progress in most cases, i.e.,  that there is no danger of a rapid transition from one stage to another.

If this disease is in a moderate or insignificant degree, then doctors stop at conservative treatment. However, in difficult situations, they come to the conclusion that without surgical intervention, the problem cannot be solved. In cases when the cavus foot occurs against the background of neurological and muscular diseases, their treatment is also carried out in parallel.

Conservative treatment means physical therapy on orthopedic mats "ORTO PUZZLE", physiotherapy, massage. Besides, orthopedists often prescribe to use special shoes.
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