7 interesting facts about 2-years old children

2-years old children sometimes amaze us. They run well, learn the outworld, and show their character. Is your child already 2-years old? Look what should you expect of a child at 2 years old.

1.Frightening silence
Every parent is afraid of silence. As when a child is quiet, usually you can find him doing something interesting: spread flour, toilet paper torn to pieces, colored from toes to head with felt pens or cosmetics… You can expect anything from him in these minutes.

2.Little rebel.
At this pre-crisis age, children are already beginning to actively explore the world around them. It's not always safe. Therefore, in order to protect your child from dangerous cognitive activities, you deprive him of them. This makes him protest, hysterics. Therefore, whims at this age are not so rare.

3.Daytime sleep is the key to health and good mood
It’s very important not to miss daytime sleep at this age. Firstly, it's a breakage of discipline. Secondly, it affects the mood of your baby during the rest time of daily activity. Thirdly, daytime sleep at 2 years old is necessary so that the child’s brain can “put” all the information received into places.

4 .Imitation
Children at this age take everyone around them for a behavior model. It is from this age that it is the best time to start instilling good habits. For example, by your own example, show them the benefits of morning exercises, which can be done together with a child on orthopedic mats "ORTO PUZZLE".

5. Little curious
At this age, children are already talking and asking a lot of questions actively. Do not miss the opportunity to tell your child something interesting about what he is asking. This will allow him not to lose interest in learning something new for a long time.

6. Water calms down
Surprisingly, the sight and sound of water running from the faucet calms the child down.Try it during a hysterics.

7. New bed
At the age of 2 years old, parents usually buy a bigger bed. The child himself can choose the bed that he likes. It can be a bed in the shape of a house, car or other interesting items.
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