Results of flat foot

Flat foot - is a disease, when a foot becomes flat. Danger of this disease is not only in absence of important depreciation properties, but also impact on other functions as separate organs and systems, and the whole organism.

There are at least 8 diseases, which arrise because of flat foot:

 Valgus deformation
This disease is a curvature of the big toe. It causes not only discomfort when walking, but also the selection of shoes. As the disease progresses, a bump forms on the side of the thumb. Valgus is formed due to the fact that the work of the ligamentous apparatus is disrupted, as well as the incorrect formation of the arch of the foot.

Calluses, corns
Moreover, an interfering lump is formed with valgus,, so calluses also appear, which hurt a lot, as well as bulges, which also cause  discomfort.

 Ingrown nail
Many people are familiar with the so-called panaritium or ingrown toenail. This problem can occur not only due to an incorrectly trimmed nail, but also in the presence of flat feet. It gives a lot of troubles. Indeed, if you have this disease, the skin on the toe turns red, shoes cannot be put on, no anti-inflammatory ointments help. In this case, the situation often turns into a surgical intervention - the removal of an ingrown nail.

Due to the fact that the foot ceases to perform a shock-absorbing function, it is performed by the spine, joints, which wear out faster, which leads to arthrosis. There is a feeling of fatigue while walking, pain, heaviness in the legs with this disease.

 Heel spur
If you have this disease, the heel bone enlarges on the side of the sole, which leads to pain while walking. It often happens that even stepping on the heel can be painful.

 Varicose veins
Muscles of the legs are in constant tension if you have flat foot, which causes an incorrect blood flow in the veins, where stagnation is formed. All this stretches the blood vessels, which leads to pain, night cramps and other unpleasant sensations.

Entire musculoskeletal system is
interconnected. Therefore, in the presence of progressive flat feet, scoliosis is a self-evident disease. Indeed, body weight is distributed mainly on the inner part of the foot with flat feet, which leads to displacement of the vertebral discs, which means that curvature is inevitable.

 Diseases of inner organs
If a flat foot has affected the backbone, then due to problems with this, inner organs diseases arise. For example, problems with the cardiovascular, nervous system, brain, lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines, etc.

That’s why if you find flat foot, it’s highly recommended to take certain actions. For example, visit a doctor, who will examine you and suggest methods of flat foot treatment. However, we know, that many doctors recommend training on orthopedic mats along with other ways of treatment, which not only help to correct flat foot, but also affect all the organs, improving their work. 
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