How to interest a child in classes on an orthopedic mat

Is there any way, without endless requests to do that a child can start working on an orthopedic mat? Sure! The important thing is to accustom him with that. And in this matter, the baby needs your help and your support.

The most important thing is to interest the child. You can do it in several ways. The simplest way is through the game. It means, we need to turn all the exercises into a game. This can be done by using an application where you can learn new exercises and to consolidate existing skills in the use of mats.

Another way of engaging a child in to play on an orthopedic mat is to create a story about a hero who can, with the help of a child, escape a trap from enemies or save a friend. Practice shows that all children, with the help of adults, get used to massage mats.

Another way to attract a child to work on an orthopedic mat is to do it yourself. The baby will see mom and dad doing interesting exercises and definitely wants to repeat it. After all, parents are the center of the universe for a child who spends all his time with them.

You can also make exercises on the mats not intrusive, that is, to put out the mat where the child spends most of the time or where he most often walks during the day. It is important to put out the mat where he definitely can not get around.

So, passing through them, he himself without noticing strengthens the foot and ankle, and also activates biologically active points on the plantar part of the foot.
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