How to involve your child on modular massage mats?

How to make your child do exercises on massage mats? The most important thing that every parent must remember is that you shouldn’t make your child do exercises on orthopedic mats. Child should be the initiator, if not, you can involve him to do exercises in playing form. Also, it’s recommended to always start with soft massage surfaces in order to get used to new feelings. 

Modular massage mats “ORTHO PUZZLE” are bright and variable!

Selection of correct actions:

First variant. Imagine a game with massage surfaces and your child will love them out of his sight. 

Second variant. Place mats as a big carpet and let your children play with them, then, you can change play to training.

Third variant. Show yourself that doing exercises on these mats brings you no pain and they are safe. Train together with your child and his fear of new things will disappear. 

Fourth variant. Place mats in a passage and when your child is ready, he’ll make a step on the massage surface for sure.
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