6 ways how to help your child to become self-dependent

Every mother dreams that her child will become self-dependent. This is a useful quality, which is important to form from childhood. Of course, at first, it will appear in some small things, but further the specter of individuality will grow.

We’d like to suggest some ways how to teach your child to become self-dependent:
1. Cheer his small success in self-dependence.
It’s important to praise every “achievement”, at first. For example, it’s a real advance for a child, if he puts on his cloths, makes his bed, takes away his toys etc. Even if he made it not the way you wanted, it’s very important, that he made it himself. 

2. Make his task easier.
Your aim is to help your child, but don’t do everything instead of him. For example, your child decided to make breakfast himself. You can pour milk in a bowl, where he will add some cereal. Or he should make a drawing. You can suggest to him: “Let me choose some ideas for you, and you will paint a picture?” or “Let me draw an animal and you will draw all the rest things?”

3. You should learn how to make arrangements and turn on times
Try to suggest your child do something in a certain period of time. All children like to do this. Enthusiasm arises and it’s interesting for them whether they manage to cope with this task on time or not. Besides, try to cheer your child on for his efforts and speed. For example, give him something delicious, when he finishes, or go somewhere with him. 

4. Admire your child behind his back.
Let him hear such phrases as “Our baby is well-done today! He has made his bed himself!” When you admire him not only face-to-face, but while chatting with somebody, he understands that he has done a really important deed. 

5. Ask your child to help you more often
Ask your children to help you with routine. Let them lay the table, clean the house, wash shoes, take apart cloths after washing-up etc. It’s important to give him strict explanations of what exactly he needs do.

6. Don’t do anything instead of him
If your child asks you to bring something to him,try to point him where it is and ask him to take this subject himself. Next time he won’t ask you where this or that thing is. He just takes it and puts it in place. For example, “Mom, where are “ORTHO PUZZLE” mats? I want to do exercises on them.” Your task is to explain where he can find them. 
Therefore, you will teach your child self-dependence step by step. This allows him to get experience in doing something himself, and saves your time for making different deeds.
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